1903 April First meeting to establish a Christian work
1903 September 12 Certificate of Incorporation “Emanuel Church of the International Gospel Association”
1904 December Rev. Barchwitz left the pastorate
1905 June 8 Name change and affiliation
1905 November 6 New name “Emanuel Congregational Church”
1906 September 18 A lot was purchased at the corner of Agassiz St. & Liverpool Ave.
1908 April Pastor Richards submitted his resignation
1909 February Rev. Oscar Klar called to the pastorate
1909 March 23 Rev. Oscar Klar was formally installed
1909 Church building program begun
1909 October Pastor Klar resigned
1910 January Church name re-certified with the spelling “Emmanuel”
1910 March 27 Mr. Clarence B. Roberts was voted to be the Pastor
1910 August The Church building was completed
1910 October 2 Dedication service for the new Church building
1911 June The Congregational denomination was advised to commission Pastor Roberts
1911 July 3 Remembering the Lord’s Table on the first Sunday of alternating months was begun
1912 The basement of the Church building was finished
1915 Planning a Sunday School picnic
1916 Evangelistic meetings were held in the spring
1919 June Pastor Roberts performed his first baptism by immersion
1919 September Pastor Roberts baptized Kathryn, his sister
1919 December 2 Pastor Roberts’ ordination and confirmation
1920 Sometime in the 1920s Miss Frieda Doernbach became the first missionary to be supported by the Church
1920 June Wedding of Emil Garnich & Kathryn Vogel
1921 March Purchase of property adjacent to the Church, for a parsonage
1924 November 1 First wedding in the Church building: Elsie Wills & Rush Steelman
1923 Begin construction of the parsonage The Roberts moved in later that year.
1923 August 8 Victor Lyman McAnney, a Church member, perished in WWII
1926 May 4 Constitution and by-laws adopted
1925 A 31 inch B-tone, 600 pound bell was donated by Mrs. Edna Voss
1925 The bell was dedicated on Palm Sunday
1937 August 29 A Kilgen pipe organ was donated by Mrs. Emma Voss
1937 December The Tri Sigma Society was formed
1948 Pastor Roberts’ wife Fannie was called home to be with her Lord
1948 A building fund was established to pay off the parsonage mortgage
1949 Separation from the Congregational denomination
1960 Special services commemorated Pastor Roberts’ 50th anniversary
1960 December 20 Pastor Roberts was called home to be with his Lord
1961 January 12 Pastor Warren A. Allem preached
1961 March 13 Pastor Warren A. Allem was called to the pastorate
1961 March 26 Pastor Warren A. Allem began his service at Emmanuel
1961 May 23 Reception for Pastor Allem and his family
1961 November 19 An open house was held for the Allems at the parsonage
1962 May 29 A special meeting to construct an education building
1962 October 21 Ground breaking ceremony for the “Roberts Memorial” building
1963 October 13 Dedication of the “Roberts Memorial” building
1964 Pastor Allem resigned, taking a position of Dean at King’s College
1965 January Rev. Renald Showers became the pastor
1966 March 6 Pastor Renald Showers resigned
1966 August 24 A reception for Pastor Allem and his family, returning to Emmanuel
1966 The Dickerson home on the corner of London Ave. & Rt. 30 was purchased and razed to make the parking lot
1968 January 28 A “mortgage burning” was held, since all debts were now paid
1968 May 29 The congregation voted to enlarge & remodel the sanctuary
1968 June 23 Pastor Allem’s brother, Harold, preached the last service before construction was to begin. A dedication of the project was held afterward.
1969 March 2 The congregation returned to the newly remodeled sanctuary
1969 May 25 Dedication of the remodeled sanctuary
1970 February The property at 537 Philadelphia Ave. was purchased
1971 The Pilgrim Academy was formed
1971 September 1 John E. Sahl became the Director of Christian Education
1972 Twenty acres of land was donated to Emmanuel Church
1973 Pastor Allem was now full time at Emmanuel and TPA
1973 September 9 Pastor Renald Showers spoke at the Church’s 70th anniversary
1973 December 16 Ground breaking ceremony for The Pilgrim Academy Upper School
1975 Completion of a 7 room classroom building for TPA
1978 April 17 Emmanuel’s 75th anniversary was remembered with a dinner
1978 November 12 John E. Sahl was ordained as assistant to the Pastor
1978 December 31 A bell choir performed to end the anniversary year
1979 September Pastor Allem, with two of his brothers, held special services
1980 May 31 Pastor Allem resigned and was given a farewell dinner
1980 June 1 Pastor John E. Sahl began his ministry at Emmanuel
1980 September 20 A reception dinner was held for Pastor Sahl and his family
1980 Emmanuel Church joined the Independent Fundamental Churches of America after a vote by the congregation
1981 Robert A. Peterson became the Headmaster of TPA
1981 Pastor Sahl started a weekly rado broadcast “Bible Time”
1984 The area between the Roberts Memorial and the Church was enclosed
1982 The addition of a gymnasium at TPA
1983 The addition of an elementary wing at TPA
1990 A library and other additions at TPA
1992 The Robert A. Peterson family moved to the new headmaster’s house at TPA
1987 The “Patch the Pirate” club was started at Emmanuel
1991 Emmanuel’s Sunday School honored Mrs. Emily Goetz for 50 years of service as the secretary
1993 Pastor and Mrs. Sahl traveled to visit the Minsk Church
1994 A van ministry was started to pickup children for Sunday School
1994 A new roof was build to cover the alley between the Roberts Memorial and the Church building
1998 The Holen’s were invited to become Youth Directors
1998 A Bible club was begun at the Washington Ave. apartments
2001 A wheelchair lift was installed to access the new Upper Room
2003 The 100th anniversary of Emmanuel Church was celebrated throughout the year
2003 Renovations were begun for a future wheelchair lift in the Roberts Memorial
2003 June 1 Dr. Bob Jones III preached at both services at Emmanuel
2003 August 1 Robert A. Peterson, Jr. was called home to be with his Lord
2003 September 12 A 100th anniversary dinner was held in the Roberts Memorial
2003 September 14 Pastor Renald Showers preached at both services to commemorate the 100th anniversary